Your Heart Knows

inspirational quotes, soul digger, writer, YA Fiction Writer,Your heart knows. Your soul knows. The only blessed thing you have to do is listen and go after IT. Whatever IT is for you.  Ignore the lies your head’s been rattling off  to you for decades. You know…stuff like, you’re not good enough, you can’t make any money at it, you’ll pursue it later when you have more time. These are tired, stupid old stories from another time when your brain received faulty programming. Did you hear me? Faulty programming. It’s your job to re-program your mind with the truth. Real brilliant sizzling truth. The truth that you’re amazing. The truth that your heart and soul want you to take action and go after life like you’re meant to.

You’re not doing anyone any good when you play small or crank that inner light down to a flicker. I know. I’ve been afraid of going after my writing life, because I told myself there were millions of writers out there who were much better than I. So why would I go after something that I can’t have? Something I suck at. Ridiculous, right?

When I turned 39 years old, I said the hell with it and applied to an MFA program. My first thought was, “I’ll never be accepted.” Two seconds after I read the acceptance letter, my second thought was, “It must not be a very good school.” And then when I started the program, surrounded by all these kickass writers, my third thought was, “How did I get into this program?” Don’t you just want to reach through the computer and give me a good slap! Old old old tapes were playing in my head. If you’re not rushing into your life with passion-filled gusto, you have your own tapes that need to be yanked out and thrown into the wood stove. Do it. This will make room for the real truth. And by the way, I was scared out of my wits when I started that MFA program. And it stretched me and grew me in ways I never imagined possible. It was a life-changer…the scariest moves always are.

Here’s a secret: Whatever you love to do, want to do, do on your free time, and would do for free, you are GOOD at…perhaps even great or would be if you spent the kind of time you’d like mastering whatever IT is. I may not be Mark Twain, but I love to write. So here’s me putting myself out there by creating this blog and a website. People kept urging me on to start a blog. But what was I going to write about? And then one day it hit me. From the time I was a small child, I used to chant this mantra, “My desire is to inspire.” As a therapist, life coach and writer, my goal is to help people believe in their dreams, believe in themselves, and believe they are worthy of creating their one wild beautiful life.

STOP procrastinating. STOP listening to the faulty tape. JUST DO IT! And if you’re not sure what it is, but feel in those quiet moments that there is something more waiting for you to pluck from the sky, listen. If you’re stuck, check out my passion test workshops on my website: I can and will help you get clear so you can stop wasting time. Find me a person on the planet that doesn’t want to be happy, a person who doesn’t want to wake up, throw the covers off and leap into their day. We ALL want that and we ALL can have it. There is no ONE person who deserves a more abundant life than another person. Read that line again and again until you believe it. Now, get up, go stand in the mirror and stare at your badass beautiful self and say, “I’m worthy of an abundant sizzling amazing life and today I choose to go after it!”

I’d love to hear about a time in your life when you said YES to that inner voice!

19 thoughts on “Your Heart Knows

  1. WOW! Susan E. Casey, You are awesome! You made me want to get the hell out of my chair and talk to myself in the mirror. You go girl, you got what it takes. Can’t wait for your next blog. I’m retired but you are inspiring me to do something.
    Since retiring I have become an avid reader. It gives me such pleasure to read a novel after a career of reading and writing procedures, action plans, business plans and all that type of business literature.
    Good luck with your blog, but you don’t need luck you’ve got talent.

    1. Linda,
      You get up and take your beautiful unretired self to the mirror and claim this next chapter in your life…GO AFTER this next phase like your body is immersed in flames! And post here what you’ve gone and done with your brilliant badass Goddess self!

  2. I am so inspired by your words … I have spent so many years afraid of my worth and not pushing towards possibilities but protecting myself from possibilities.

    So thrilled you are reaching for the stars my friend !!

    Great things are to come !!

    Are greatest fear is not that we are inadequate … Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

  3. Ok you had to start with a Bang. Congrats Susan. This is awesome, love it. Yes the heart knows, if only we can be still long enough to listen to our hearts. I am so hollowing my heart this lifetime. The time is Now.

  4. Lovely to read your affirmative blog post, Susan. I stopped writing about 2 years ago, and recently sat my butt down in front of my computer and started again, after thinking I wouldn’t be able to. I was so wrong. It’s important to remember that we all get sidetracked by life, and that’s okay. When the dust settles, we need to think back to what it was that made us the happiest, what things we enjoyed doing, and then… do them. I’m glad to know you’re still writing, my friend. I thank you for your hugs and your support while we were students at Stonecoast.

    1. OH SWEET LINDA! I had no idea you had taken a hiatus from your writing life. I am so thrilled to hear that you’re getting back to it! Too much talent, too much love, too much of so much that you have to share with this world. Sending you much love…let the muse fly!
      xoxoxo And thanks for your support!

  5. Wow! Just wow! Well, more than wow! That really hit the proverbial “nail on the head”. So, beautifully said, and so needed to be heard. Thanks so much, Susan!

  6. I agree with Denise…Wow! This is great. It is inspirational and beautifully written. I feel motivated to take on a New Year with new challenges and work through any fear. Please keep writing. We will follow. -L

  7. You inspire me daily!! I am so happy you are sharing this with the world!! You are AMAZING, and I am so proud of you!!!! Now hurry up and write another entry LOL xoxoxo

  8. You desire to inspire? I’d say: Mission Accomplished! You inspire me! With all our interactions and in these beautiful posts. I LOVE your posts and your writing is eloquent, real, honest and yes, definately inspiring. I’m at a loss for words right now, so I’ll just wrap it up by sending you a really big HUG. xo

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