Shattered Glass

black and white hammer

To all of my beloved followers,
We have had a deep tragedy in my family. My younger brother, Brian (Rocky) Hathaway suddenly passed away on Friday. I will be suspending this blog for two to three weeks. Thank you for your love and support.

Love each moment, cherish each second with those you love and NEVER, EVER, spend any time in anger or resentment…just be “in” love with those who you love and tell them as often as you can.

All my love,

8 thoughts on “Shattered Glass

  1. Susan, you know that you have a world of people and a host of angels lifting you up. My prayers continue to be with you, your parents and your brothers. All my love, A.

  2. Sending you and yours Peace, Love and high, healing energy right now, Susan. Know that all is well and Brian has just transitioned to another plane and new adventures. Be-ing in Love always is good advice. Thinking of you.

    G xoxoxo

  3. We all love you so much Susan and, by extension, your family. We are thinking of you and your brother and his family. I am going to be in love right now, in loving tribute to you and the power of that idea. xx

  4. I am so sorry Susan for your sudden loss. Rocky was blessed to have such a wonderful sister.
    With love,
    Phyllis Viola

  5. I am missing your blog and you today, a Monday. Can’t wait to give you a huge hug when you come home!!!

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