The Blogging Tour Continues….

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Writers Write. Writers want people to read their work. Writers are humbled when readers like what they write. AND writers support each other or at least I personally think it’s the “right” thing to do. Several weeks ago I was invited to join a “writing process” blog tour by Kelly Byrne to do just that

SUPPORT talented writers and bloggers and help to get their work out to a wider audience.

So I’m offering you a Tuesday afternoon treat today. Go grab your favorite beverage, sit back and meet THREE talented women writers/bloggers who will shake up the way you think about things. 

 Meet Kelly Byrne, brilliant, hilarious writing genius extraordinaire. Kelly and I met a million years ago for all of ten minutes…and I was sucked in by her warmth and delightful sense of humor that is laced throughout her insightful blog posts.   




Kelly Byrne at

A little about Kelly in Kelly’s voice: An award-winning writer in many a genre, I currently herd words into novels and short stories about wildly flawed, but lovable characters.

A friend of mine once requested that I put love in everything I write. I’ve happily obliged, but if I can make you laugh with my protagonists on their journey too, well, mission accomplished.

Because of my prodigious gift for empathy, I’m inspired by stories of great personal sacrifice, like when I selflessly gave two whole squares of my favorite chocolate bar to my boyfriend. You know, great and terrible sacrifice.

In my effort to spread kindness, I’ve been known to hug strangers, especially if they’re wearing something soft.

I believe in the good in people, except when I don’t.

I’m an avid pessimist reframing my worldview, so my glass is half empty. No, no, it’s half full. Wait, who cares? I just want to know who’s been drinking out of my glass.

I’m sneakers not heels, comfy not binding, no bling on my rings.

I live in Los Angeles with my desperately handsome boyfriend and loopy dog, Lucy, AKA The Goon, where I’m working on my next project.

Thanks for spending your time with me. I know how precious it is.

And believe me when I say, Kelly is worth spending time with. She tackles important life topics  and shares her own “faults” and “feelings” and “insecurities” that we all have and handles these topics with humility, humor and grace. Here’s an excerpt from her latest post: Now THIS is How To Pay It Forward

Sometimes it feels like my expectations are alligators when it comes to other people. I need to learn how to handle them, and by handle, I mean wrestle those bastards to the ground and knock ‘em out with a tire iron. My gator expectations, not the people. Have I mentioned I’m in therapy?

I encourage you all to pop over to Kelly’s blog: and while you’re at it…pick up a copy of her fabulous novel: Chasing Kate:

I’m honored to have Kelly in my circle of love and support. I learn from her. She inspires me to be better.  A better writer. A better human being. And to remember to laugh at myself.


Meet Alissia Thompson another beautiful, funny and poignant writer and therapist. I had the pleasure of meeting Alissia at a Passion Test Certification Training…enough said. She’s all about play and passion and getting others to embrace their inner authentic beautiful badass selves!



Alissia Thompson at

A little about Alissia in Alissia’s voice:

Don’t ask me when or why, but I started jumping on my sofa.  Leaving singing voicemails for my sister.  Dancing haphazardly in my living room.  I resurrected a childhood nickname, which took on a life of its own.  And suddenly, I felt alive.  I felt like me.  I was having fun again, and it didn’t require hours of serious study or stoicism.  I had found my way, so when the email invite appeared to become a Certified Passion Test Facilitator, I knew it could serve as a way to share my overwhelming enthusiasm with others.  It was simple, after all. So, I jumped on that, too.  I jump on everything.  And you know what?  I still feel anxious, I still get afraid…but I DON’T let that get in the way of being the misfit that I am.  I am Alissia Jayne.  I am an athlete, a student, a spiritualist, a partier, a dreamer.  I am all of these things, and then some.  Words cannot encapsulate all that I am…nor all that you are.  I am nobody.  I am somebody.  I am EVERYBODY.

On her latest post, Mirror Mirror on the Wall, she writes: Certainly I’ve not always performed up to expectations. I’ve pissed some people off, been mindless and messy, inconsiderate and selfish. I’ve made messes and left them for others to clean up. I’m looking in the mirror, and what do I see?

It’s all good, friends. We’re all in this together. Look in the mirror and appreciate what you see…but watch out for pesky expectations! They’re a highway to hell.

Thanks, Alissia for reminding us to laugh. To play. To embrace the “misfit” that lives inside all of us.  

Now please, go check out Alissia’s blog here:


My last pick goes to Kim Sisto-Robinson, another brilliant writer who reached out to me when she read my blog after my brother’s death. She’s a woman who has helped to save my sanity. A woman who knows what it means to lose and lose BIG. She lost her sister/best friend 4 years ago to a deeply disturbed husband (a.k.a psycho) who shot her three times in the head. Kim, through all her pain and grief, did something life-changing with this horrific tragedy, she dedicated her website and blog to her beautiful sister, Kay. Kim writes about her loss in the most gorgeous pros that make you suck your breath in, TWICE! And she works tirelessly to help end domestic violence. Kim’s words are heart wrenching, inspirational, lyrical and always filled with glimmers of hope and light and warmth.


Kay on the left. Kim on the right.

A little about Kim in Kim’s voice:

Kim Robinson is a mother, lover, wife, educator, writer, obsessive blogger,  and a poet. She is extremely passionate about women’s issues, especially domestic violence, after her sister, Kay was murdered by her husband. Find her at My Inner Chick or follow My Inner Chick on Facebook. –

Here’s an excerpt from her post titled, 21 Things I’ve Learned Since My Sister’s Murder:

I still feel your cheek against my cheek.

I still smell your perfume lingering in air.

Your heartbeat is my heartbeat.

Warm. Alive. Pumping.

Your roots tangle & twist inside my roots.

Nothing much has changed

Except the world turned upside down.

Except my soul cries out for you in the middle of the night.

Thanks Kim for entering my cirlce, and  giving me the space to cry, to breathe and for offering me, and so many others, HOPE! 

Please do yourself a favor and check these blogs out when you have a quiet moment, your favorite drink in hand and ENJOY…laugh, cry…reflect. It’s an honor to introduce each of these writers and women to all of you. 

In closing, because this is the “writing process” blog tour, I was asked to answer these three questions:

1) What am I working on right now?

I’m working on rewrites of my second novel Butterfly Girl, trying to find representation for my first novel, Here’s the Truth and beginning a new non-fiction book titled: Rock On…Mining For Joy In the Deep River of Grief. This book is in honor of my brother and what I hope will be my saving grace. I will be interviewing people who have sustained a deep loss and have noticed the miracles that have risen up in the space their loved ones have left behind. Wish me luck, please.

2) Why do I write what I do?

I write because I don’t have a choice. It’s a calling deep in my bones that I can’t ignore and when I do, I get bitchy like I do when I’ve been traveling for hours and haven’t had a chance to stick a single almond in my mouth or  drink a drop of water. When I’m not writing, I feel “starved” and “parched.” And when I am writing, I still get bitchy because it’s HARD…but…but…but I LOVE it! Not the bitchy part. The writing part.

I write what I write because the characters and the stories find me, I don’t find them. They rattle around in my head until I listen and begin writing. For my non fic work, the same is true. I listen and I write. I’ve always believed that stories have the power to heal. They offer a venue for people to identify not only with the narrator’s pain, anger, and defeat, but to be lifted by the characters’ strength and will to persevere; inspired by their ability to overcome obstacles and oppression. Stories give readers permission to suspend judgment and lovingly accept their own perfect flaws. Stories give us courage to keep walking the walk toward our dreams that always await us on the other side of our fears, our grief, our “hurts.” If my stories and blog posts do this a little tiny bit then I can’t ask for anything more. 

3) How does my writing process work?

I sit my ass down, shut off the internet and stare at a blank page for hours if I have to. Sometimes, I get up several times to make tea, toast a bagel, let the dogs out, let the dogs in, and do almost anything I can to procrastinate the sitting in front of a blank screen. Then I give myself a good talkin’ to…more of a lecture, sit back down and start typing anything at all.

Please now go check out my writing buddies who have important words to share!

Kelly Byrne at

Alissia Thompson at

Kim Sisto-Robinson at:



6 thoughts on “The Blogging Tour Continues….

  1. **I write because I don’t have a choice. It’s a calling deep in my bones that I can’t ignore**

    I understand, Susan. Writing saves. Writing is food, drink, prayer.

    O’ how fun it is to read about the other bloggers here. I’m looking forward to reading more of their work.

    AND YOUuuuuuuu…I love your PASSION, excitement, kindness, comforting words, & continued HOPE about life…even thru your darkest hours.

    –you inspire me, dear.

    There is LIGHT. There is promise in this crazy world.

    O, and this is funny: **Sometimes, I get up several times to make tea, toast a bagel, let the dogs out, let the dogs in, and do almost anything I can to procrastinate the sitting in front of a blank screen.**

    why do we do this?

    I thank God for you in this universe.

    Love from Minnesota. xxxxxoooo

    1. Ditto sister Kim! I thank GOD for you in this universe, too. Doing this blog post was a BLAST! I LOVED writing about the three of you and sharing your work with the WORLD…or at least the people in my world:-)
      xoxox Hugs and love to you!! xo

  2. Girl, you know I love ya! Thank you for connecting all of us powerful women! Excited to read the others! Keep on-

  3. Wow! Thank you, Susan, for those uber kind words and continuing on with the blog tour. I’m looking forward to reading more about these lovelies soon, but I’m up in Big Bear in a cabin writing (yay!) right now, so it’ll have to wait till my online blackout is over, which will be very soon, I promise. I just wanted to thank you for being awesome and spreading the love. Big hugs! xoxo

    1. Well…it was my pleasure, Kelly…YAY for Big Bear…on I’m a 3 month writing spree, too…much love and hope you writing is fruitful!


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