Rock On!

I know…I know…I’ve not posted in a long time. As you all know if you follow this blog, I’ve been writing Rock On: Mining for Joy in the Deep River of Sibling Grief. Many or probably all of you know, the book is being released on the 6th anniversary of Rocky’s death—Friday, February 14, 2020 by Library Tales Publishing. It would be impossible for me to express how meaningful this is to me and my family.

So…to relaunch my blog I wanted to share three bits of information for those who are still following me:

  1. I had my first radio interview with Ocala-Live and you can listen here:
  • Book Launch information: I will be having a book launch at the Frontier Café in Brunswick, Maine, on Saturday, February 15th from 6-8pm. If you are thinking about coming, please register here (FREE) because spots are limited.
  • Rock On is available for pre-orders on Amazon. By pre-ordering, you will receive the book one week before it’s release.

I want to thank all of you who have walked along this journey with me since my brother’s death.

Love and gratitude,


9 thoughts on “Rock On!

  1. You go girl! So proud of you. Congratulations. Rocky and your sweet mama are smiling down on you with immeasurable love and joy!
    See you very soon. Xoxo

  2. Such a great interview and I cannot wait for the book. Congratulations on making a dream come true…and thank you for helping the rest of us understand and navigate such a difficult part of life.

  3. I’m so thrilled for you, Susan! I really wish we lived closer because you know I’d be there for your book launch. I hope you have a magical evening and lots of support. Much love!

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