EPISODE 43: Angels and Awakening to Spirit with Julie Jancius

**TRIGGER WARNING** This episode covers sensitive subject matter and is not suitable for all listeners. If this topic could be a trigger for you, listen to this episode with a friend, a sibling, a loved one or a parent so you can talk about any emotions that come up for you. The contents of this episode are not intended to replace therapy and should not be taken as such. If you need immediate help, please call the crisis hotline listed below in our resources.

In this episode, I sit down with one of my favorite podcasters, Julie Jancius.


We talk all about our intuition, awakening to Spirit, and communicating with angels.

Julie is wife to Blake, mama to their beautiful daughter and two fur babies, and has been talking to Angels her whole life. 

She is a soul who’s here to teach, spread hope and help you get you back on your path! 

She is here to teach you how to live from the vibrations of love, joy, peace, bliss, ease and grace, which she calls living in Oneness. 

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [3:00] How Julie’s ability to connect to the other side developed
  • [12:20] Do we always miss our intuitive nudges?
  • [13:00] The 3 layers of consciousness 
  • [20:00] Following life’s ‘breadcrumbs’ and evolving into our next life experience
  • [28:20] What it means to be able to sit in the silence and hear the nudges
  • [46:30] What self love means to Julie

Grief Hotline

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Connect with Julie here:

Connect with Susan

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