EPISODE 65: Rediscovering Your Heart After Loss with John Roedel

In this episode, Jim Padilla shares his story about rebuilding his life after foster care and prison.

In this episode, John Roedel joins me for a conversation about rediscovering the connection between his brain and heart, after the loss of his parents and his son’s diagnosis.

John Roedel is a comic who unexpectedly gained notability as a writer and poet through his heartfelt Facebook conversations that went viral and became an Amazon best-selling book titled, Hey God. Hey John.

He is the author of five books—Hey God. Hey John, Any Given Someday, Untied: The Poetry of What Comes Next, Remedy, and his latest work, Upon Departure, which explores through poetry the concept of our grief as a natural wonder that terraforms the landscape of our world in increments.

Offering a sincere and very relatable look at his faith crisis, mental health, personal struggles, perception of our world, and even his fashion sense, John’s writing has been shared millions of times across social media and lauded by fans and readers worldwide. He teaches at universities and retreat centers across the US, blending his trademark comedy with creative exercises, journaling, dialogue, and introspection to help people fearlessly embrace and share their personal stories.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [5:20] What inspires John to write and how he started
  • [12:25] Transforming your perspective on faith after loss and hardship 
  • [16:00] Getting his son’s diagnosis 
  • [26:10] Learning to live in the now and without expectation 
  • [28:30] Overcoming fear and stigma around his son’s diagnosis 
  • [41:10] Living life going through the motions
  • [47:20] The moment John rediscovered his heart 
  • [57:30] What self love looks like for John today

Grief Hotline

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Connect with John here:

Connect with Susan

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