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welcome to the l.e.a.p podcast

My name is Susan Casey. I’m a mental health therapist, grief and loss coach, and author of the book Rock On: Mining for Joy in the Deep River of Sibling Grief. 

What I’ve learned through my own personal experience and through the work I do, if we fully Listen to our bodies, Engage in the grieving process, Allow the painful emotions to emerge, and Process our emotions in some cathartic way, we can, will, and do rebuild our lives after deep loss. 

Here, we’ll explore every aspect of death, dying, and the grief and loss journey. Each week, we’ll bring you inspiring and transformational stories to help expand your perspective on life, death, and the grieving process, and to remind you, that no matter what or who you’re grieving, you’re never alone.

Thank you for taking our hand and leaping with us into light and healing.

If you have a transformational story to share, please email me at Leapwithsusan@gmail.com

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